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A creation brought to you by the renown expert in the Korean art of grilling, Chef Chul Park, the founder of SEORAE - a new dining experience where the PERFECT FIRE (BUL) and PERFECT MEAT (GOGI) comes together to offer you the PERFECT EXPERIENCE (SYO)!

Many pieces of beef searing on hot stone pans at 180°C

SEARED on hot stone pans specially brought in from Korea

A piece of steak torched with superheat fire using a custom-design blowtorch gun

TORCHED with our larger than life Fire Blasters delivering up to 1,400°C of heat

A plate of meat, egg, vegetable, pumpkin, and kimchi flambeed with our special essence.

FLAMBEED with our Special Essence right at your table. On personal hotstone pans carefully heated to 180°C

A photo of Bulgogi Syo Bugis Junction outlet.


A photo of Bulgogi Syo The Woodleigh Mall outlet.
A photo of Bulgogi Syo VivoCity outlet

VivoCity #B2-29

Tel: 9339 2829

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