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Chef Chul Park

Founder of Seorae


What’s in a Name?

Bul represents fire, the heart of cooking, Gogi signifies the finest meats, and Syo brings the show element of fire as the key part of a great dining experience.


Bulgogi Syo unites Fire and Meat in perfect alchemy, served with a touch of sensation!


“My team and I have spent years experimenting with different approaches to perfect the grilling process. The best meat quality and the best marinade are not enough. Journey to perfection comes with an obsession with the art of fire”, says Chef Chul Park, the founder of SEORAE. “With something to tantalize all your senses, we hope that Bulgogi Syo will become a top choice for Singaporeans to gather and celebrate key moments in life, or even for an everyday treat.”

A chef using a big flame gun to torch the meat.

Bul - The Art of Fire

At Bulgogi Syo, the Art of Fire is a continuous journey, setting our team apart as they pursue fire-meets-meat perfection.


Witness Fire Masters using Fire Blasters in an Open Kitchen, tableside flambés, and sizzling hot stones. More than showmanship, this mastery is grounded in culinary science.


Searing on hot stones ensures even browning and juiciness, torching creates a smoky aroma and charred texture, and flambéing with our special essence elevates the grilling experience.


Enjoy the fiery spectacle at your table.

2 meat.jpg

Gogi - Rich, Juicy Meats

As you would expect from the SEORAE family, we bring only the best choice of meat to you.


Delivering unique cuts, with secret marinades, our artisanal approach enhances natural flavours, and sparks joy at each step of the way.


Our Samgyeobsal (Pork Belly), Deung Galbi (Pork Baby Back Ribs), and Anshim Sal (Beef Tenderloin) will really hit the spot.


Bulgogi Syo is the place for all meat-lovers to enjoy meats prepared in a whole new way.

Korean Resturant

4 flame meat copy.jpg

Syo - A Feast for the Senses

A meal at Bulgogi Syo is, literally, showtime.


Our artistry truly offers you and your fellow diners an experience that lights up all the senses.


Revel in:

  • A visual extravaganza, with our Open Kitchen and tableside flambés

  • Irresistible smoky aromas of meats enhanced by our unique three-step process

  • The incomparable taste of our perfect cuts of meat brought to life by fire

  • Evocative sizzles, roaring flames, and the buzz of a friendly vibe

  • The warmth of the Bulgogi Syo Experience, one you’ll want to repeat

You’ll always be welcome at Bulgogi Syo!

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